Become a Member of the TS Alliance

The TS Alliance is a membership-based organization, which means members participate in the corporate governance of the organization, which includes electing the Board of Directors. As such, members have a profound impact on the future of the TS Alliance and all those living with TSC. Anyone may become a member by expressing a desire to accept membership status on an annual basis. The rights of Membership are as follows:

  1. To elect members of the Board.
  2. To attend meetings, activities, and events organized by the Corporation for all of its members.
  3. To vote on all proposals that are subject to approval by the Corporation’s membership under the Articles of Incorporation, these Bylaws, or applicable law.
  4. To submit proposals for consideration at meetings of the Corporation’s membership and the Board.
  5. To stand for nomination as a member of the Board.
  6. To inspect the membership list, to the extent and in the manner and for the proper purposes provided for by applicable law.

Anyone may become a member by informing the TS Alliance of your desire to do so simply by:

  • completing an online membership application;
  • writing the TS Alliance at 8737 Colesville Road, Suite 400, Silver Spring, MD 20910;
  • or calling the Development Department at (800) 225-6872.

As part of the TS Alliance’s commitment to “going green” we encourage our members to consider receiving membership correspondence, including voting ballots, electronically. If you are interested in receiving your membership correspondence electronically, please state so in your application or contact the TS Alliance and provide a current email address.

A membership fee is not required, but we do rely on the generous support of our members to assist in implementing important support programs and funding research.