Request Biosamples for Your Lab

Are you looking for samples from TSC patients to use in your lab? The TSC Biosample Repository has a growing collection of samples that are tied to phenotypic data. In most cases, we can ship these samples at no charge to the investigator. Read More

Welcome to Our New Director of Preclinical Research

Please help us welcome Dean Aguiar, PhD, to the TS Alliance team! Dean is our new Director of Preclinical Research. He will lead the Preclinical Consortium’s future efforts, including the goal to partner with additional companies and academic researchers to help find new ways to treat the multiple, severe and sometimes life-threatening manifestations of TSC. He will also oversee other consortium objectives, including increasing the diversity of models available as well as adding models for TSC-associated neuropsychiatric disorders, an additional epilepsy model and human cell-based models. Read More

CME Opportunity: 29th Annual Pediatric Neurology Update – April 11, 2019

Childen’s National Health System will be hosting the 29th Annual Pediatric Neurology Update in Rockville, MD on April 11, 2019. Neurosurgical advances in TSC and the transition to adulthood for TSC patients are major foci of this CME opportunity. Speakers include Howard Weiner, MD (Texas Children’s Hospital); Martina E. Bebin, MD, MPA (UAB Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic); and Peter Crino, MD, PhD (University of Maryland). Read More

Call for Proposals: TSC2+/- A/J Mice – Due October 22

The TSC Preclinical Consortium is currently running three animal models, one of which is the Tsc2+/- A/J strain (Woodrum et al 2010, Guo and Kwiatkowski 2013). Large cohorts of age-matched mice are bred for testing candidate drugs using standardized protocols at a contract research organization. However, as a by-product of growing the colony, we have smaller numbers of non-age-matched mice, which could provide valuable data for other research questions. Read More