Lisa Moss

Senior Director, Donor Relations

Lisa joined the TS Alliance in July 2012, and and she focuses on fundraising efforts for the organization. Fund development is essential to provide support services and drive research forward, and the development team builds relationships with private, corporate and industry donors while raising valuable resources through corporate sponsorships, grants, appeals, individual gifts, special events and the Step Forward to Cure TSC walks. Lisa and her team raised more than $550,000 to support the 2014 World TSC Conference held in Washington, DC, where families, individuals with TSC, researchers and physicians came together for three days to attend meetings and connect with the TSC community. The “Unlock the Cure” research initiative has raised more than $10 million since its inception and is targeted to fund research, advance a drug screening program, develop a clinical research network, identify biomarkers and expand the TSC Natural History Database. Lisa’s introduction to the TS Alliance was in 2006 when her son, Evan, was diagnosed with TSC. The following year she began volunteering by participating in the March on Capitol Hill and attending the DC Food & Wine Tasting event, which marked the beginning of a long-standing relationship with the TS Alliance. From 2008-2012 Lisa served as Co-Chair of the TS Alliance of Metro DC. In 2012, Lisa produced Art for a Cure and the first Step Forward to Cure TSC National Walk on the Mall in DC. In addition to her volunteerism and activism for TSC, Lisa is also involved in the epilepsy community and served on the Board of Directors for the National Epilepsy Foundation. In 2011, Lisa led a marketing and fundraising campaign for 4 Paws for Ability, a 501c3 that trains service dogs for children, resulting in raising the funds necessary for her son’s service dog and several additional children. In 2007 Lisa and her husband, Rob, co-founded SeizureTracker.com, a database-driven website that acts as a comprehensive seizure diary system and free resource to the epilepsy community. Lisa and her family live in Virginia.

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