Jo Anne Nakagawa

Director, Clinical Projects & TSC Clinic Liaison

Jo Anne joined the TS Alliance staff in August 2005 with 30 years of experience, working in various laboratory and clinical research activities at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), where she earned her BA in Biology. Her 30 years at UCLA include 16 years in regulatory management and coordination of pediatric clinical trials and preparation of and oversight of physician-initiated investigational new drug (IND) trials, which included the clinical trial for treatment of newly diagnosed infantile spasms that helped get vigabatrin approved in the United States. At the TS Alliance, she is the administrative project leader of the TSC Natural History Database, which now has more than 2,000 participants due to her leadership, and the TS Alliance TSC Biosample Repository. Jo Anne also serves as the liaison between the organization and the 68 TSC Clinics who have met clinical care standards recommended and approved by the TS Alliance Board of Directors to be recognized as a center that provides care for those affected. She enjoys gardening, working on art projects, watching her favorite TV shows on DVD while on the treadmill, and visiting her three grandchildren in Northern California as much as possible.

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