Dani Brunner, PhD

Senior Scientific Advisor / Preclinical Research Leader

Dani is Founder and President of the Early Signal Foundation and Preclinical Research Leader at the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance. Dr. Brunner has worked on the validation of models of developmental, psychiatric and neurodegenerative disease models for the last 20 years. A major focus of her work has been the establishment and automatization of rodent behavioral tests and novel high throughput preclinical platforms using computer vision and machine learning algorithms to comb behavioral signatures for phenotyping, drug screening and systems biology approaches. As Senior Vice-President of Behavioral R&D at PsychoGenics, she was in charge of large projects focused on back-translation of anti-smoking cessation medication, preclinical cognitive assessment, and studies in neurodegeneration, psychiatry, and autism. As head of the Early Signal Foundation, Dr. Brunner aims to establish analytical systems that integrate human behavioral and “omics” readouts for health care and monitoring in rare disorders, connecting genomic information with behavioral domains, especially those passively captured with wearable sensors. As leader of the preclinical work at the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance, Dr. Brunner is setting up a large consortium of industrial and academic institutions and experts, to accelerate the development of therapeutics for this devastating disorder.

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