Newly Diagnosed

5 Things to Know About TSC


Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) is a complicated disease.

TSC can appear very overwhelming, but no two individuals are affected the same way—even identical twins.


The TS Alliance is here to assist you.

We offer you hope, provide you with information and to direct you to resources that may be helpful to your individual situation.


Finding good healthcare is essential for the treatment and management of TSC.

TSC Clinics are located throughout the country.  If no clinics are near you, the TS Alliance can provide information for you to share with your physician(s).


Telling your family about TSC can be difficult and overwhelming.

Let us help by providing a letter explaining TSC and providing answers to their questions.


It’s important to talk with someone who understands.

The TS Alliance can connect you with volunteers in your state committed to offering support and sharing their experiences, and the TS Alliance has both closed and open social media sites for discussing questions with others.