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North Dakota

Community Alliance

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TSC Connect Contacts

Kari Ihle (Parent and Community Alliance Chair), Minneapolis, MN, 612-281-5759, kaihle@msn.com

Adult Regional Coordinator

Danielle Clark, Danielle.clark@hotmail.com, (210) 317-9804

Dependent Adult Transition Resource Coordinator

Kim Mehlhoff, West Fargo, ND, 701-371-7410, kamehlhoff@gmail.com

Nearby TSC Clinic


St. Paul 
TSC Clinic without Walls

Director: Michael Frost, MD
Co-Director: John Hulbert, MD
Coordinator: Carol Hoskin, RN
Clinic Ambassador: Kari Ihle, kariihle77@gmail.com, (612) 281-5759
Age Range Seen: Children and Adults
Clinic Frequency: Flexible to patients’ needs.
Out-of-State Medicaid Policy: Accepts Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.
For information and to schedule an appointment call Carol Hoskin at (651) 241-5290.