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TSC Connect Contacts

Adult Regional Coordinator

Danielle Clark, Danielle.clark@hotmail.com, (210) 317-9804

Dependent Adult Transition Resource Coordinator

Alice Hulbert (Parent of an Adult), Edina, MN, alihul@aol.com

TSC Clinic

St. Paul 
TSC Clinic Without Walls
Director: Michael Frost, MD
Co-Director: John Hulbert, MD
Coordinator: Lorna Justesen, RN, BSN
Clinic Ambassador: Kari Ihle, kariihle77@gmail.com, (612) 281-5759
Age Range Seen: Children and Adults
Clinic Frequency: TSC patients are seen two designated Fridays per month for pediatrics and during routine clinic days for adults.  Flexible to meet patient needs.
For information and to schedule an appointment, call Lorna Justesen at (651) 241-5541 or (651) 241-5290.