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Community Alliance

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TSC Connect Contacts

Adult Regional Coordinator

Kate Crossett (Adult), Philadelphia, PA, (717) 475-3241, Kate.barbato@gmail.com

Dependent Adult Transition Resource Coordinator

Reiko Donato (Parent),  Roswell, GA, donator@bellsouth.net

Educator Mentor

Julianne Baily (Parent), Senoia, GA, 678-458-9981, juliannebaily@gmail.com

Education Parent Mentor

Dr. Patricia Ballard (Parent), Warner Robins, GA, 478-508-7841, drpballard3@gmail.com

TSC Clinics

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Located at Center for Advanced Pediatrics, 1400 Tullie Road NE, 6th Floor, Atlanta, GA 30329
Director: David S. Wolf, MD, PhD
Coordinator: Nancy Morris, LPN
Clinic Ambassadors: Reiko Donato donator@bellsouth.net
Age Range Seen: Children and young adults up to age 21 years old.
TSC Clinic Frequency: Every first Monday and Thursday afternoon with urgent evaluations scheduled when possible.

For information about the clinic call Nancy Morris at (404) 785-3679. To schedule an appointment call (404) 785-5437.